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Crema is a side project that I built in 2023. Originally the project was called Ceviche which was going to be an app that scanned food labels for harmful ingredients.

This project has been sunset, but you can play around with a staged version (login and signup will not work).
From user research and competitive analysis, it became evident that users with an interest in healthy eating generally possess a basic knowledge of nutrition and ingredient safety which negated the need for an app. Those who do use this category of apps are satisfied with existing options.

However, a significant issue identified with these existing solutions is their inadequate handling of beauty products. While food safety concerns typically involve around 100 questionable ingredients, the beauty sector encompasses thousands.

Existing apps which are primarily focused on food, overlook the complexity, prevalent misinformation, and widespread misunderstanding in the beauty industry. This observation led to the realization of a market gap in this area.
Following this observation, I started the design process for a native iOS app dedicated to scanning ingredient labels of beauty products.

At the same time, I had to become an expert in skincare, cosmetic chemistry, and the beauty industry to build an accurate and comprehensive ingredient database essential for developing a compelling product.
As the design phase was nearing completion, further research revealed a market opportunity for a web app as opposed to an iOS app.

Current products were exclusively mobile-based, and developing Crema for the web would eliminate the barrier of prompting users to download from the App Store. Additionally, it would facilitate easier sharing with friends and offer benefits in terms of search engine optimization.

Building for web also allowed me to develop the app myself entirely in Webflow. Using the visual design language from the iOS app designs, I began design and development of the web app in Webflow.

For those interested in the technical details, I used Webflow CMS for the ingredient/product database, Finsweet Attributes for filtering/search, Memberstack for authentication, and Jetboost for product favoriting.
Now I'm shifting my priorities towards attracting users and expanding our product offerings. The next phase involves utilizing the digital platform's audience to support the launch of an internal consumer packaged goods brand, with the first product already under development.

Additionally, I'm designing/developing Crema's e-commerce experience. Utilizing Shopyflow, I will be able to use Webflow as a headless front-end interface for Shopify.
Update 1
Sample of the packaging and formulation for the first SKU has arrived! Couldn't be happier with the quality. Next up is label design and print proofing to make sure everything is perfect.
Update 2
Finished the creative for an ad I'll be running on TikTok and Instagram for a proper launch. Exact launch date is still TBD.
Update 3
Thanks to the coding abilities of Claude Opus, I've been able to build an alpha version of the iOS app. This app has all the functionality of the web app, with the added functionality of barcode scanning (not visible in Xcode simulator).
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